Oyster Girl Oysters

“The Oyster Girl,” painted by Francis Wheatley (1747-1801), presents a neatly dressed servant shucking oysters. The artwork was chosen to denote classic quality and attention to detail, and to be memorable.

We seek to become the best-known, specialty oyster grower in the Saint Michaels tourist market by primarily offering oysters over 4" and doing so only occasionally. We also seek to be highly respected among regional wholesalers and known for consistently providing a quality product.

Our oysters are sweet like an Asian pear, green melon, chamomile or bay scallop. Slightly briny. Slightly buttery. Delicate, soft, velvety texture that disappears on the tongue. A soft mineral aftertaste like that of salted melon.


The babies are growing

August 13, 2019
August 26, 2019
18-22mm !!

For more information, contact us at oysters@oystergirl.us